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12 Hours on the Hell90


This story includes mention of drug and alcohol use, and some swearing.

On Sydney’s Northern Beaches, a genre of local tale exists in the form of “L90 stories”: larger-than-life recounts of overzealous community figures, insane drunken interactions, friendships forged and punches thrown. ATB producers Aidan Molins and Matt Kearns wondered, has the legendary and infamous bus created a community of its own? They grabbed a recorder and took to the bus for 12 hours one Friday to find out.

Produced by Aidan Molins, and originally broadcast on FBi Radio as part of All the Best episode #1605: Temporary Communities. Opening narration by All the Best host Pip Rasmussen, with supervising production from Heidi Pett and Selena Shannon. 

Music credit: Far Away by Amorph
Image credit: flickr user Stuart Boreham 


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