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14-Year-Old Babysitter Earns $20 An Hour To Watch Netflix While Kid Plays Fortnite – P1NG

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Kimmy Jones has discovered a new business venture that allows her to earn while doing absolutely nothing. Her step father has a nephew that often needs a babysitter due to the parents’ work hours.

Nine-year-old Billy Jimmy is fairly easy child to look after. He always does his homework and helps around the house. He also doesn’t like going outside much, so he spends most of his time playing Fortnite.

Kimmy, while only 14-years-old, is no pushover, and when asked to babysit little Billy, she wasn’t just going to do it for kicks.

“I’m nearly 15, which means I’ll be able get a real job and pay tax, I’m practically a grown up,” Kimmy told our reporter.

“I just played ball, I said I should be paid for my labour.”

When asked what labour she actually does, Kimmy shrugged and said “not much”.

“His parents are only away for four hours, and they always give him a meal before they leave”.

“He sits in the lounge room and plays Fortnite on the PS4 while I watch Netlfix on my laptop in the guest room.”

“He’s not going anywhere, [haha].”

When asked if Kimmy at least played video games with Billy, Kimmy laughed it off.

“No of course not, he still plays Fortnite. I’ve moved onto Apex Legends like everyone else.”

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Responding to our requests for comment, Kimmy’s step father wasn’t too fazed.

“It’s easy for them to just give her $80 cash, just a few red notes. Sometimes they give her a hundred if $50s is all they have.”

More to come.

Words by Stefan.
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