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This 15 year-old built a website to support small business during Coronavirus

Kai Lovel

Meet Kai Lovel, a Perth teen who could see the impact that COVID-19 was having on the small businesses in his city. Kai decided to use the digital skills he developed over a number of years to build Perth for Perth, a website which helped people find cafes and restaurants which were still open for takeaway.

Kai told The Happydemc’s Xenia Delantar Sanut that the impact that was being felt by people he knew was what drove him to action “There were people in my extended family, in my community that were feeling the burden of this really unfortunate set of circumstances” he said “These moments in time [are a good time] to really tap into yourself, to really look at what your curiosities are and put them into practice”.

Listen to the full interview below:

Listen to the full podcast here.
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Kai Lovel

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