1700 reasons why I hate Romeo and Juliet ((not really) but i could list them)

Hello and welcome once again to another episode of ‘That work experience guy’.  My second day at SYN was riveting right from the start, when I was handed paper and a stapler (i know right). As I began to straighten paper in preparation for binding them with staple like objects (staples) I was informed that I, and my work experience partner would be, replacing a Schools on Air group that afternoon in the studio.  We set out shortly to brainstorm ideas for our show, mine being a segment on my hatred for Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, which we actually did. We entered the studio with enough nerves to make someone nervous (badom tsst) and soon began our show. The time went quickly enough to make me sad that I didn’t get to pan Romeo and Juliet more, but there’s plenty of other ways I can spread my hate for that film (it’s really bad). The show was a rousing success, apparently, and we were rewarded with the gift of membership forms with email adresses to list. Soon after we were escorted to the mystical fortress of Channel 31 and were placed behind cameras to film SYN’s music show 1700. After some practice with using the cameras, the show began. For the majority of the hour I stood behind Camera 1 and hoped I wouldn’t do something wrong or get yelled at by one of the 3 producers on location. My day was good and stuff and I’m sleepy.  Goodnight    (it’s not night time)  Lochlan


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