2 day’s done (Alex)

On monday night we got the chance to hang out with the ‘objection’ crew, they were really funny people and we had a blast. We got to speak live on air for a few minutes answering questions and discuss what we thought was terrible music.
I went home and got to tell all my friends and family about what an amazing first day of work experience I had and how good the next few days would be.
So on tuesday morning, I woke up with another 10am start. I made my own breakfast and took my time doing things. I got on a train at about midday with an ice coffee for my lunch. I was in the city early so I decided to get off at flinder’s st and walk up to the house of SYN.
When I got there we got started on writing adresses and sealing envelopes. Kristina helped us write the eNews and send it out to… well, anyone that wanted to read it and she also helped us get a start on the volunteer news that we will send out on thursday.
After we finished the newsletters, we watched some clips of 1700, so we knew what to expect from the afternoon’s activities. After watching an episode I realised how awesome this afternoon would be. We went on a break early because we’d finished everything we needed to do so Mayuhk and I went and hung around Melbourne Central for an hour or so.
When we came back to the house, Louie from 1700 came and picked us up and showed usw to the c31 studios. Before the show went to air we got to play instruments and doodads when never seen before and ask what everything does.
When the show went live to air, we spent the first 20 minutes next to the cameras watching everything first hand which was pretty awesome. When the band came in for their interview and live performance we had to stand in the studio where they change cameras and press all the buttons and we got to learn heaps about how television works and all the things to do and what not to do. We saw them mess up but bring it back perfectly to finish exactly on time.
All in all the past few days have been awesome and I’m looking forward to the next 2.


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