2015 SYN Awards Finalists

Every year SYN celebrates the achievements of our young volunteers across Radio, TV and Online mediums.

This year the 2015 SYN Awards will be an Op Shop Fancy affair, held at the Melbourne Town Hall in the Swanston Room on Monday, February 23, 2015 from 6:30pm.

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2015 SYN Awards is sponsored by City of Melbourne, Samurai AV, Documents On Call and Crumpler.

Congratulations to the following 2015 Finalists:

Best Schools On Air Team

  • Caulfield Park Community School
  • Vermont Seconday College
  • Mount Waverley School

Best Music Segment or Program

  •     SYN Nation Eurovision Special
  •     SYN Talks: Ti Butler
  •     1700: Season 2, Wednesday Team, ‘Let’s Get Quizzical’
  •     1700: Season 2, Friday Team, ‘Musical Therapy’

Best Comedy Segment or Program

  •     Technical Difficulties, ‘Phil’s Rap’
  •     5 Minute News Hour
  •     Player One: Sam Merrifield
  •     DEFCON Bulletin: ‘1930ish Newsreel’

 Best Sports Segment or Feature

  •     The Sports Desk: Friday, ‘Fridays Kickoff’

Best Current Affairs Segment or Feature

  •     Panorama, Matilda Marozzi, ‘Photoshopping’
  •     Panorama, Hariet Conron, ‘Indonesian Election’
  •     All The Best, Jess O’Callaghan and Michael Brydon, ‘Morwell’
  •     Panorama, Sam Cucchiara, ‘Victoria One Punch Law’

Best Talks Segment or Feature

  •     Art Smitten, Alice Walker, ‘Melbourne Web Festival’
  •     Art Smitten, Bec Fary, ‘Pastello at NGV’
  •     The Graduates, ‘Group Interviews’
  •     All The Best, Bec Fary, ‘Open House’

Segment or Feature of the Year

  •     Represent:’ Budget Night 2014′
  •     Get Cereal, Season 2, Thursday, Mads, Nabs and Tom, ‘Get Cereal Guess Who’
  •     Get Cereal, Justin Hays and Scott Woodard, ‘Suburban Smackdown’
  •     The Graduates, ‘Group Interviews’

Best Interivew

  •     Great Minds Don’t Think Alike, Sarah Maunder and Christian Tsoutsouvas, ‘Graeme Simsion’
  •     Amplfy, Claudia Long, former ‘Ryan Smith MP’
  •     Get Cereal, Murphy, Archie, Tigs and Tom, ‘Martin Foley MP’
  •     Get Cereal, Season 4, Monday, Scott, Ash and Gracie, ‘Adam Richards’

Best Promotion

  •     Get Cereal, Friday, Murphy, Keith and Tom, ‘Sitcom Triology’
  •     Get Cereal, Friday, Murphy, Keith and Tom, ‘Music Triology’
  •     Get Cereal, Mads, Nabs and Tom, ‘Country Music Triology’
  •     Get Cereal, Murphy, Archie, Tigs and Tom, ‘Music of the 90’s Triology’

Under 18 Volunteer Program of the Year

  •     Connor James Allman, Raise The Platform
  •     Nadia Bevz, Andrew Kelso and Demi Georgitsopoulos, The Awkward Stage
  •     Jake Stevens, The Hijack
  •     Lucinda Edwards, Amplify

TV Producer of the Year

  •     1700, Samantha Caldone
  •     1700, Felicia Jong and Shannon Biviano

Radio Producer of the Year

  •     Claudia Long and Rendah Hag, Amplify
  •     Ben Quigley, Get Cereal Thursdays
  •     San Hoang, Get Cereal, Season 2 and 3
  •     Sally Whyte, Represent, Panorama and The Graduates

Presenter or Presenting Team of the Year

  •     Tom Clift, Art Smitten
  •     Get Cereal Saturdays: Phoebe, Ben and Jess
  •     Matila Knowles and Scott Woodard, The Good, The Bad and The Box Office
  •     Michael Brydon, All The Best
  •     Nick Mason, The Guilty Pleasure Surrender Hour

Best News Presenter

  •     Sam Cucchiara, SYN News

Most Innovative New Idea

  •     The Fantascope Variety Hour
  •     Print To Picture
  •     Player One, Sam Merrifield
  •     1700, ‘Mystery Clip’

Best Review

  •     Art Smitten, Alexander Senese-Jones, ‘The Nightingale’
  •     Art Smitten, Tom Clift and Lucy Jones,
  •     Arts Mitten and Arts After Dark, Tom Clift and Lucy Adams, ‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’
  •     Art Smitten, Thomas Senese-Jones

Best Newcomer

  •     Tessa Natalie Carapic, The Naughty Rude Show
  •     Grant Buse, Technical Difficulties
  •     Stephanie Edwards, Get Cereal, New and Approved, SYN Social Media Team
  •     Jess Perkins, In Joke

Best Seasonal Radio Program

  •     A Science Story
  •     Spotlight on SYN
  •     Fantascope Variety Hour
  •     Leach On Society
  •     The Graduates

Diversity Program of the Year

  •     SYNcytium
  •     Wanderlust Melbourne
  •     Mayibuye Program
  •     Intersection

SYNners Choice Award

  • Madeleine Paulson, Queer Youth On Air
  • Emily Gornalle, Online Editor in 2014
  • Jake Stevens, The Hijack
  • Get Cereal Friday, Murphy, Archie, Tigs and Tom
  • Sophie Potter, Print to Picture
  • Ross Purdy, DEFCON Bulletin
  • Scott Woodard, Get Cereal