6 x young speakers. 6 x big ideas. 6 x minutes to share.

Presented by Express Media to celebrate Youth Week 2012, six of Victoria’s bright young thinkers must each articulate the one single idea that matters most to them, and it must be presented in six minutes or less.

The idea may inspire, provoke or frustrate, and when the ideas are mixed together we will have a melting pot of contrasting, complementary and concordant thinking from across science, education, media, politics and social entrepreneurship, sparking a discussion between speakers and audience.
Starting at 6pm Sunday April 22 at The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas, 176 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne.
Register now for this free event here.
Supported by the Victorian Government through the National Youth Week 2012 program. Express Media thanks the Victorian Government, SYN Media, the Wheeler Centre and Beyond Blue for their support of this initiative.

April 10th 2012
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