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7 Fears We Have Ahead of The Bachelor Finale Week

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So we’ve been avoiding spoilers like The Plague and FINALLY the time has come to learn who will capture Matty J’s heart. Here’s 7 thoughts that have been messing with our brains as we have finally arrived at Finale Week:

1. Tara won’t be picked as The Winner

Please, Qween Tara, bring this home and seal the deal on Bachie’s deal and don’t make this a Nikki 2.0. The producers fooled us once, now it’s time to make Australia proud.

2. Tara will lose but WON’T be the next Bachelorette

It’ll be an injustice to society. Give the people what she deserves!

3. This week will be an absolute snore fest while we await Sophie Monk’s season

Let’s face it, since Channel Ten revealed the promos for next week’s female-led counterpart, we can’t wait to wrap up this season and see some hilarity.

4. Someone gets engaged

Really?! Is this some reality TV checkbox we’re now destined to tick by following our US neighbours’ footprints?

5. No one gets engaged

Let a girl or guy dream. Or at least let us revel in the newly fabricated relationship until their contractually obligated fling has seen out its days.

6. We run out of sustenance

God forbid the DRAMAHHH is lacking for the Finale Week viewing party, or someone forgets the cheese platter, or we forget to print off the Bachie Bingo Board at work.

7. There’s a power outage

What’s the point of watching Bachie without social commentary, amirite?

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