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Quizzically Challenged Episode 1 – The Quiz Quiz

Quizzically Challenged

Episode 1 – The Quiz Quiz

Quizzically Challenged is a quiz show where the contestants get to choose the topic of the quiz!
Then a high IQ team will scan the internet for the questions they thinks might just stump our “trivia masters”.
And then their knowledge will be put to the test!
To see weather they really are the masters of their trade, or if they’re just…
Quizzically Challenged


This episode:

This episode is the Quiz Quiz, a quiz all about BuzzFeed quizzes.
Our unlucky guests for this episode are close friends and uni peers of the host.
Their names are Riley, and Daniel.
And they claimed to Jay that they both new the most about BuzzFeed quizzes.
(Or at least enough to warrant a quiz show)
So in retaliation our brilliant, genius, and handsome host Jay puts them to the test public ally in an elaborate quiz show for a university assignment,
to see weather they really do know anything at all about BuzzFeed quizzes, or if they’re just, Quizzically Challenged.

Next Episode

Also tune in for our next episode where Jay upgrades from close friends, to SYN stars!
Jay gets the crew from SYN flagship show Player One to join him, and he puts their WWE knowledge to the test.

3 men will enter the ring, but only one will escape in Quizzically Challenged Episode 2.

James Viola