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SYN’s training programs are for anyone 12-25 and equip you to make radio and digital media. No experience necessary!

SYN’s 2023 Induction Programs

Radio Announcer Training
This induction will equip you to plan and execute your own radio show! Its hybrid model means you’ll learn with around 10 other young people to create and present broadcast content to make your first radio show, ‘Fresh Air’. Your ticket includes a separate studio induction which is one-on-one with a trainer so you can put your show out live or pre-recorded. Online modules include media law, SYN’s structure, and creating off-air content, which includes editing video and audio. Look out for these on the first Saturday of every month.

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SYN Press Club
SYN Press Club is a new induction program for journalism students and young journalists. This two-part program includes all the aspects of radio announcer training, plus a deeper insight into the principles of broadcast journalism. The first session includes media law and content creation, while the second session mirrors a newsroom environment to put together a current affairs program in an afternoon! Participants also get access to a SYN Press Club slack channel and can benefit from our partnerships with the Melbourne Press Club and RMIT Journalism Society.

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The Awkward Stage
Calling all 12-17 year-olds! The Awkward Stage is a five-week program aimed at under 18 volunteers. This training is hands-on and designed to get our youngest new volunteers confident on the airwaves.

Weekly modules are as follows:
Week 1: Creating and Presenting Content, SYN’s volunteering structure, and media law, and studio training.
Week 2. Presenting a live radio program about music.
Week 3. Presenting a live radio program about current affairs and sport.
Week 4: Presenting a live radio program about culture (e.g. pop culture, film, lifestyle).
Week 5: Creating and editing off-air content including podcasting and other digital media.

Weeks 2-4 will include studio training opportunities for participants with trainer guidance. Volunteers are required to attend weeks 1 and 5, and at least one of the sessions in weeks 2-4 to complete induction.

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New to Melbourne Podcasting Workshops for international, interstate, and regional students and young people
Experience an ‘interchange’ of creativity with other young people who are new to the city! Learn to present and record podcasts using SYN’s studios and editing software with a team. This is a two day program to connect and welcome young people who are new to Melbourne/Naarm and looking to get involved in media. Gain a foundational knowledge in sharpening your story ideas, podcasting, sound design, audio editing, and knowledge of media law.

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Please note: You can only participate in SYN if you are between the ages of 12-25. SYN’s content is by young people for young people. You must complete one of these training programs to volunteer at SYN. Participation in any of the above includes one year of membership.

As a volunteer, you can:

  • Present or produce a radio and/or TV program (Join an existing program or pitch your own)
  • Pitch and produce your own original podcast (with free platform hosting and promotion)
  • Participate in our industry and skill building Content Labs and Workshops
  • Write reviews, editorials and online features
  • Access to SYN’s industry standard broadcast and recording studios
  • Book equipment, including Zoom Recorders & Cameras to make content

Personal development at SYN:

  • Apply for our volunteer Leadership Team
  • Join our Industry Mentoring Program
  • Apply for and participate in our Board Internship program
  • Volunteer on event and admin projects
  • Receive day-to-day support with your goals and resume development
  • Apply for SYN Awards and participate in our leadership conference, SYN Kickstart!
  • Meet and connect with a community of more than 300 other passionate young people

Anyone aged 12-25 who has participated in a SYN Media Learning workshop, such as Schools On Air or Communities On Air, is eligible to fast-track their induction and receive a discount on training.

Click here to see the discount and training breakdown for those joining SYN after completing a workshop.

For information on how to book, email [email protected] with your name, age, the workshop you attended, and the date you attended it.