“Adalita” – Adalita

Firstly I want to say this is ADALITA. 
It’s hard for an iconic musician to break away from their band of almost twenty years and define their own sound.
The Magic Dirt front woman and Queen of Australian rock has perfectly displayed her versatility as a musician and proven herself as a classic song writer without the help of her fellow band mates.
This album weeps emotion with the haunting sadness reflecting on the loss of Adalita’s creative partner and fellow Magic Dirt band mate Dean Turner. Adalita is a dedication to Dean as a producer, musician and influence.
An album of soul, poetry and true Australian rock. All ten tracks have the classic haunting vocals we fell in love with through Magic Dirt, but stripped away from the heavy rock, it gives the vocals more room for depth and soul. Heart on her sleeve and it’s a refreshing side we see of this tough rock chick.
An album for Magic Dirt fans to learn more of the bands ring leader, an album for those who love raw, Australian sounds.
The first single off the album ‘Hot Air Balloon’ takes you on a mellow yet emotional journey, a natural ride through the song, a haunting soundtrack matched with poetic lyrics, then ‘Jewel Thief’ has a raw classic Australian sound of a story teller, that could easily fit onto a Paul Kelly record, ‘Goin Down’ that brings back the rock and takes you to the magic moments of seeing Adalita with her Queen of rock crown and distortion on and the stand out track for me ‘Good Girl’ the chorus featuring the sweet harmonies from Amaya Laucirica is almost a plea margin and apology, a rock ballad that pays tribute to grunge guitar.
An album of time of experience and years of song writing let’s hope this isn’t just a side project, ten tracks isn’t enough and curiosity asks what more is to come from Adalita.
-Cassie Walker
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