Admin Day, Plus Some More Stuff

 What can I say? The past three days have felt like three separate, short and sharp work experience placement, all at different places. Monday was our chance to listen to radio live. Tuesday was TV with 1700. Today was admin, hard work that made me and Alex feel like we deserved our break and trip to subway at 4pm. 
The picture attached shows where we wrapped up about a hundred CDs made by bands I’ve never heard of. It was tough, and towards the end, tedious work, because it was literally stacking CDs, plonking them in the middle of a massive sheet of paper, wrapping the CDs, taping every corner, then stamping it, over and over again.
We got to sit in with 6 degrees today. It was interesting as always, but nothing could possibly beat Objection. I spent the whole session marvelling at Alex’s amazing knowledge of completely random music and bands. I reckon he’s got the goods to host his own music show in the future.
A nice little trip to Subway to buy a late lunch, and then back again at the house for some more admin work. To anyone who reads this and is also doing work experience, I have to tell you, mailchimp and all the other programs might nearly kill you, but if you bear with it, and enjoy it with anyone else working with you, you’ll realise it’s just another part of making radio.
I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’ll be like the past 3 days condensed into 1. It’ll also sadly be the last day. 


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