AFL 1-Ups Sydney Again By Replacing Aussie Rules Grand Final With Apex Legends – P1NG


To counteract the Fortnite pop up event at the NRL Grand Final, this Saturday’s AFL Grand Final will entirely consist of Richmond and GWS going head-to-head in Apex Legends. The Player One News Gatherers (P1NG) received an exclusive interview with AFL CEO Gillon Laughlin-McLaughlin to explain the radical decision.

When asked about the change Laughlin-McLaughlin boasted that “Apex Legends is truly the unsung hero of the Battle Royale genre that doesn’t rely on gimmicks like the flosses and justicing oranges”.

Laughlin-McLaughlin further elaborated on the sudden change by explaining that “despite the fact that the AFL Grand Final draws 100,000 people every year, we think the formula is getting stale for the younger generations of fans and players.”

“We believe that this event will prove to be a success, even if it isn’t we still make great money on overpriced food.”

Our investigative team had to ask the tough question of whether this whole thing was just a publicity stunt to 1-Up Sydney.

Laughlin-McLaughlin proceeded to laugh and exclaim “1-Up them how? They don’t let their kids play video games after 10pm”.

The interview concluded with Laughlin-McLaughlin ensuring us that this year’s Grand Final will be a Winner Winner Overpriced MCG Dinner.

Words by freelance writer Connor Matthews (by “freelance” we mean he worked for free or we’d lance him) of The Next Checkpoint.
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