Notice to SYN Members

Please be advised that in accordance with our constitution, the Annual General Meeting of the Student Youth Network Inc. (No. A0039919B) will be held as follows:

Tuesday 9 October, 2018 at 6:30pm at RMIT University, Building 8, Level 4, Room 13.

The annual report and audited financial statements will be presented to the members, and elections for the Board of Management will be held.

The agenda and meeting papers can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, including:

  • Annual General Meeting 2018 Proposed Agenda
  • Annual General Meeting 2017 Minutes


Two ordinary board positions and board President are open for election onto the SYN Board of Management at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with SYN’s Constitution both ordinary board members and the position of President elected at the 2018 AGM must be filled by people under 26 years of age on the date of the 2018 Annual General Meeting. In accordance with SYN’s Constitution, at least one Board member position must be filled by an RMIT University student. Affirmative action will be taken by the SYN Board of Management to achieve compliance with these rules if required.

The nomination form can be downloaded below.

Proxy votes can be allocated (as per the proxy form) to anyone attending the AGM, with the following guidelines:

  1. Proxy votes must be submitted 24 hours prior to the AGM; by Monday 8 October, 6pmForms can be downloaded below and submitted to Pathways Manager, Molly George, via membership[at];
  2. No more than three proxy votes can be allocated to any one person;

Out-of-date SYN memberships must be renewed at least 24 hours prior to the AGM. If you need to renew your SYN membership, the form is available at

Keen to know more about the AGM? Check out the Annual General Meeting FAQs

If you have any further questions regarding Board nominations please contact President Rachael Dexter via [email protected].

——————————————-CANDIDATES FOR ELECTION———————————————–

Nominations of election have now closed, the following candidates have been nominated. The number of candidates matches the number of nominees therefore these candidates will be elected unopposed


Rachael Dexter

Rachael was elected to the SYN Board in October 2016, and in that time has served as Secretary, Vice-President and, since June 2018, she is now President of the Board. Rachael came to SYN as an RMIT journalism student in 2013 and threw herself into media-making, mainly on SYN’s news and current affairs radio shows and podcasts.

Rachael has previously worked as Radio Producer for ABC Radio Melbourne, and is currently a video/podcast producer and reporter at The Age. Rachael works closely with the Board and the General Manager of SYN to implement long-term strategies for the youth media organisation she cares so deeply about. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without SYN, and as President I advocate fiercely for the power of young people in media. It’s an honour to help lead this wonderful organisation”.


Grace McKinnon

I’m Grace McKinnon, and I am excited to be nominated as one of your board members.

I have been a volunteering at SYN since 2015… you might know me from circulating the news shows, or even from music reviewing (if you’re an ancient member).

I joined the board as a co-opted member in June this year and have since been acting as secretary.

My journalism and SYN background allow me to have a unique insight into the way Vols would like the station to run, and the culture we pride ourselves on to continue.

As we move into the new space the board has many decisions to make that will directly affect your SYN experience. I am 23 at the time of this AGM, and as I will not ‘SYN die’ for another 3 years I can see the organisation through the process.

Thank you for nominating me as your next board member

Breanna Hassall

Breanna has been a SYN volunteer since 2012. She created a successful seasonal on SYN 90.7 called UK Lock In, featuring music from the United Kingdom. She now presents UK Lock In weekly on JOY FM in Melbourne.