Download SYN’s audited financial statements here

Download SYN’s annual report here

Please be advised that in accordance with our constitution, the Annual General Meeting of the Student Youth Network Inc. (No. A0039919B) will be held as follows:

Wednesday 30 October, 2019 at 6:30pm at SYN HQ, RMIT University, Building 12, Level 3, Room 97.

This video will help you to find your way there if you haven’t been to our new HQ yet.

The annual report and audited financial statements will be presented to the members, and elections for the Board of Management will be held.

The agenda and meeting papers can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, including:

  • Annual General Meeting 2019 Proposed Agenda
  • Annual General Meeting 2018 Minutes

The 2018-19 annual report and reviewed financial statements will be published before the meeting date and made available to download at the bottom of this page


Three ordinary board positions and board President are open for election onto the SYN Board of Management at the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with SYN’s Constitution one ordinary board member and the position of President elected at the 2019 AGM must be filled by people under 26 years of age on the date of the 2019 Annual General Meeting. Affirmative action will be taken by the SYN Board of Management to achieve compliance with these rules if required.

The nomination form can be downloaded below. Nomination forms are due one week before the AGM, all nominations must be received by 6pm on Wednesday the 23rd of October 2019.


Proxy votes can be allocated (as per the proxy form) to any member attending the AGM, with the following guidelines:

  1. Proxy votes must be submitted 24 hours prior to the AGM; by Tuesday 29 October, 6pm. Forms can be downloaded below and submitted to Community Manager, Maddy Macquine, via maddy.macquine[at];
  2. No more than three proxy votes can be allocated to any one person;

Out-of-date SYN memberships must be renewed at least 24 hours prior to the AGM. If you need to renew your SYN membership, the form is available at

Keen to know more about the AGM? Check out the Annual General Meeting FAQs

If you have any further questions regarding Board nominations please contact President Rachael Dexter via [email protected].


Eleanor Doran – Nominated for president

I submit my nomination to be elected President of SYN. I became involved in SYN because I love everything about community radio, initially presenting a seasonal show and lately on the Board. As an active and engaged Board member since June 2018 I know what is involved in performing the role, and believe I have the capacity and skills to be a great President for our SYN community.

The diverse range of roles that I’ve held whilst a member of the SYN Board have given me extensive knowledge of all aspects of SYN’s operations. On the Risk and Compliance committee, I have assisted in assessing and managing SYN’s organisational risk. On the Performance and Remuneration committee I have contributed to the General Manager’s performance review and have been closely involved in conversations about how our policies and procedures affect our staff. I understand the separate roles performed by the Board and staff of SYN. In my largest role as Chair of the Fundraising committee, I have demonstrated my ability to bring people together to make decisions and turn ideas into action.

Everything I’ve learned as a Board member has been reinforced by formal governance courses I’ve undertaken. In August I completed a course at the Australian Institute of Company Directors on the Foundations of Not-for-Profit Governance. This learning makes me confident in my fundamental understanding of the importance of good governance and how to apply that learning to the benefit of SYN.

Outside of SYN, I work at a consulting firm that provides professional services to not-for-profits. I deal with governance, strategy and stakeholder management for a diverse range of organisations, and I would bring this experience to the role of SYN President.

As a Board member, I have participated in the resolution of a number of sensitive issues as well as numerous strategic conversations about SYN. I understand the range and complexity of issues that require the President’s involvement and am confident I could deal with these appropriately and effectively.

I would be proud to represent this great organisation and want to thank you for considering my nomination.

Caitlin Mountford – Nominated for ordinary board member

I first came to SYN in 2015 to learn and gain hands on broadcast media experience. I have continued to return in different capacities over the years because I love SYN and strongly believe in the organisations aspiration to train and empower young people to become media makers. In my time with SYN, I have volunteered, completed a Marketing and Communications internship, worked as a Tour and Workshop Facilitator and most recently completed the SYN Board internship program.

Outside of SYN, I work as the Marketing and Communications Manager at Fitted for Work, a not for profit dedicated to helping anyone who identifies as a woman and is experiencing disadvantage to find work, keep work and navigate their world of work.

I have extensive experiencing leading the execution and development of marketing and communications activities, managing fundraising activities and running events. Working for a not for profit with two social enterprises, I also understand the value of having independent revenue streams and untied funding.

I believe my diverse experience within SYN and my relevant career experience makes me a great candidate to join the SYN Board and continue helping SYN empower young people with skills, experience and opportunities to create.

Charles De Fazio – Nominated for ordinary board member

Charles is a Senior Manager at KPMG where he specialises in the provision of audit and accounting services to organisations across a range of sectors including the Media and Not-for-Profit sectors.

Having joined the board in February 2019 as the Treasurer, Charles provides oversight over SYN finances and works closely with the General Manager and the board in ensuring sound financial governance at SYN.

He has been overwhelmed with the significant impact that SYN has on the lives of young media makers and hopes to continue this role to learn more about organisational strategy and governance.

Eleanor Masters – Nominated for ordinary board member

Eleanor joined the SYN Board in May 2018, with a depth of experience in people and organisational culture. She is passionate about enabling young people to succeed and was attracted to SYN because it makes a tangible difference to the working lives of young people who want to work or already work, in digital media.

As Chair of the Performance & Remuneration Committee, Eleanor helps oversee the performance and professional development of the General Manager at SYN. She has worked internationally across different parts of people and culture and usually, in large scale transformation programs. “I love working with organisations to empower and enable their people to thrive.

Jack Missen – Nominated for ordinary board member

I have been a continuous member of SYN for the better part of five years, having been an Executive Producer and Talks Manager. This year I am assisting with preparing the Disability Action Plan for 2019 – 21. I was also a part of the Board Internship program. I am wanting to bring my vast knowledge as a volunteer to the board as I know it will benefit the SYN community.
I have the mission to make SYN an even more welcoming space for everyone, and to help with this, I’m aiming to introduce a new “Disability Advocate” to the board to lend a voice for that group of volunteers. As well as this, I am wanting to tap into our Alumni network and make information more accessible for the volunteers to learn about their journey and make a place for alumni to offer any other advice that will help the members.

Evrim Şen – Nominated for ordinary board member

SYN has been a home and community to thousands of young people over the last 16 years. In just 16 years since its inception, SYN has grown to be one of the largest influences in the youth and media space in Melbourne. We do an incredible job of interweaving multiple assets of ours, skills and values to deliver brilliant programs and host an amazing platform driven by young people for young people.

To me SYN is more than a radio station, it’s more than a non-for-profit, it’s more than a training ground. It’s playing a part as foundation in the arts and youth sector in the country. Having travelled, talked to and worked with others in the community sector, I know what we do here at SYN is radical, it’s unique, and challenges people to think about the world and the role young people play in it in a new way.

Having started as a volunteer in 2016, then worked as a staff member for almost the last two years. I want to keep fighting and thinking of innovative ways to grow that influence and make sure the world knows who we are, as part of increasing young people’s voices across our sector and the entire Australian media industry.

Salman Warsame – Nominated for ordinary board member

My name is Salman Warsame, and I am running for a position as an ordinary board member.

Since 2003 the face of SYN has been a giant mirror for young people and people who like me growing up felt they weren’t really represented properly. This is why I’m personally drawn to SYN and why I first volunteered as a co-host of the Hip Hop show.

So, for me joining this board is really about ensuring this essential community space is perfectly positioned to last long into the future. And with 2020 fast approaching, being involved in the new strategic plan would be an important achievement.

In line with giving access to more young people, SYN set itself the goal of increasing memberships by 18% this year and aims to have at least 3500 young people publishing content on its platforms.

In my experience being a part of communities particularly those in the western suburbs, there are countless young influential media makers who have little awareness of some of the amazing support and resources available to them at SYN.

By creating collaborative partnerships with organisations such as the African Australian Student Association, Centre for multicultural youth and other similar bodies, SYN has an immense opportunity to attract an even bigger diverse crowd producing incredibly rich content.

Having worked a number of years in the finance sector and currently completing a degree in Economics and Information Systems, I also bring with me insights in financial oversight and digital optimisation. Having this included in the decision making process will no doubt add to the boards aim of keeping SYN innovative and accessible to young media makers.

Stefan Bradley – Nominated for ordinary board member

Stefan Bradley has been volunteering with SYN since 2014, and has been on the leadership team four times. Stefan’s content produced on radio, TV and online has impressed many inside and outside SYN, and he has won many SYN Awards and nominations.

The most recent SYN census indicated that a majority of SYNers volunteer because they want a job in media. As an elected board member, Stefan hopes to foster a culture that values inclusivity, innovation, participation and diversity, plus an emphasis on networking. These attributes will create SYNers equipped for the competitive job market. Stefan believes that development programs like the Podcast Incubator will be essential for this.

Stefan hopes his relationship with SYN continues by being elected to the board. He hopes that current and future SYNers get to enjoy the many opportunities that he had over the years. Stefan is currently a SYN Board Intern.