Album Review: Lime Cordiale, Falling Up The Stairs

Reigning from Sydney, five-piece band Lime Cordiale have hit a musical nail on the head with their new EP Falling Up The Stairs. However pun-ny to say, Lime Cordiale’s sound has a distinct flavour that can instantly transport you to a number of musical eras and iconic dance moves.The EP opens with “Bulls**t Aside”, which is also Lime Cordiale’s first single release from Falling Up The Stairs. With its brass intro, catchy tune and melodic chorus, it’s a cracker of a track. Although most of these things foreshadow the rest of the EP, it’s worth noting the well-dissolved mix of beach vibes and somewhat 60s and 70s vocal breadth.This theme seems to skip with the second track “Famous”—it has a slower tempo with small hints of brass and a pop attitude. It’s still a great track, and its tempo pairs well with title track “Falling Up The Stairs”. Though a step in the other direction, it is no detriment to the EP at all.“Sleeping At Your Door” on the other hand, the third track in, is a big jumble of fun with catchy lyrics. If you want to dance to this track, the Twist seems like the only appropriate dance-move; I tried it and it just felt right. Although the lyrics are catchy in this track, it’s the way they are sung that gives them their greatest appeal. They’re quick, succinct and sound as though taking a breath is not quite an option. Fast and fun, this track is one of, if not Lime Cordiale’s best.As for the remaining two songs on this EP, “Everything Else” and “Falling Up The Stairs”, both are equally as good as the other tracks—laid back, beachside beats with both groovy and appropriately synthy tunes. Their brassy interludes add an extra depth to those tracks it makes an appearance in.Lyrics are an important part of any potentially good EP/LP. Although Lime Cordiale’s Falling Up The Stairs revolves around a turbulent relationship going through natural and not-so-natural ups and downs, their distinct sound and instrumentals bring a new dimension to this often sung about topic. Jealousy, fame, devotion, and infatuation are among many themes covered in the songs Lime Cordiale have to offer, and they do a good job of making you realise it without you really noticing: “Baby/recently/I’ve been looked at differently/and trust me/I’ve had difficulty/talking to you when you’re looking at a screen”—“Famous”.Five songs, 18 minutes and a hefty amount of influence; one of the biggest tragedies of this record is that it comes to an end after only a few taps of the foot. Lime Cordiale are a promising presence in the Australian music scene. Their debut album will be one to get your hands Aimee Malotsis

October 13th 2013
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