Album Review: My Bloody Valentine, m b v

After a 22-year hiatus, 2013 sees the return of the original Irish shoegazers My Bloody Valentine.With bands such as California’s Silversun Pickups becoming popular in recent years, it appears MBV’s return has come at a particularly good time.Their new album entitled m b v was released February 2 on the band’s website, which crashed soon after; suggesting the band still holds relevance to modern indie-pop fans.Filled with heady dreamlike soundscapes, and plenty of distortion, m b v is a shout out to the band’s original sound, which they cultivated in the 80s and refined on the critically acclaimed 1991 record, Loveless.Opening track “She Found Now” is full of Kevin Shields’ breathy vocals, and melodic guitar noise. It evokes a feeling reminiscent of sitting on the sand at a beach, watching the waves roll at sunset. Shields vocals manage to infiltrate the mind and take a hold of whatever threads it can find, making it difficult to concentrate on anything else.The same expressive imagery continues with “Only Tomorrow”, a track full of edgy distortion and plenty of riffage. There are moments you feel like you are being transported into space with singer-guitarist Bilinda Butcher.“New You” is definitely a step into the 90s, à la Dandy Warhols but with a trippier psychedelic direction. Instrumental “Is This And Yes” serves well as an intermission track from the rest of the album, and with its grungy and inconsistent bending hooks, “Who Sees You” drags you under into a darker headspace.As the album progresses it goes through ups and downs, constantly changing your mood, and challenging your musical understanding with it’s experimentation. To an uninterested listener the tracks have the potential to bleed into one another and become a longwinded drone, but for fans My Bloody Valentine definitely hasn’t lost their charm and m b v is an album you could lose yourself in.It will be interesting to see how the album goes down live when the band tours Australia in upcoming Radhika Chopra

February 20th 2013
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