ALBUM REVIEW: Skomes – Luhv Loops

A beat album, Luhv Loops. Made from the well-known and well-established beatmaker/producer, Skomes.

Most known for the making of smooth, polished, effortless, levels, good and even-sounding music. A beat album that keeps on giving and giving. If you’re a listener of lo-fi hip-hop,90’s hip hop, such as J Dilla or Notorious B.I.G, or any other music maker who has a similar feel or sound of these genres or artists, you’ll enjoy. A good album to jam too. Treat yourself to this beat album and you’ll be full-on relaxing. Feel free and be free to listen to Luhv Loops. The beat album is satisfying as the music is evoking feelings and brings back a feeling of an easier time where things were less tiring and demanding. The album ranks well in the Melbourne hip-hop scene and is a strong giver of what to see in the Melbourne music scene. I do recommend you see Skomes perform when possible. Listen to another album from Skomes to get more of a feel and to dive deeper into the scene of Melbourne hip hop. A good listen if you enjoy relaxing to beats, studying, have free time to lay down and go through feelings of hope, peace, truth, trust, and many other feelings.

Reviewer selections are Keep On, Be Free, Do You, I’ma, Baby Baby, Where Only Luhv Can Go and Out of My Head.

Listen to the album here.

Review by Jitan Chander.