ALBUM REVIEW: Steel Panther – ‘Lower the Bar’



Steel Panther is back with the record you’d expect them to make. Partying and getting laid. Guitar riffs and solos reminiscent of the 80s Sunset Strip scene. Not much beyond that. The fans (“Fanthers”) won’t be disappointed with Lower the Bar unless they were expecting the band to grow musically.

‘Goin’ In the Backdoor’ is a great start to the craziness with catchy heavy metal riffs, and is followed by even more riffs with the most 80s glam metal sounding song on the record, ‘Anything Goes’.

‘Poontang Boomerang’ will surely be a new fan favourite. The chorus is absolutely hilarious and will stick in your head for weeks. The following track, ‘That’s When You Came In’, was featured on the band’s acoustic live album Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage, and tells one of the best stories on the album. It’s similar to ‘Community Property’ on the Feel the Steel record as it’s a hilarious love story, and will be perfect for the live singalongs.

‘Wrong Side of the Tracks (Out in Beverly Hills)’ is one of the few songs that isn’t about having sex. It’s about how those who are poor in Beverly Hills are still rich…because they live in Beverly Hills. It’s a fun song with a different feel and groove from the other songs on the album. ‘I Got What You Want’ is another classic sexually-charged tune for a party. ‘Wasted Too Much Time’ is ‘Fucking My Heart in the Ass’ and ‘Gold Digging Whore’ from their previous records into another song. At a certain point, I guess song ideas blend into each other?

Lower the Bar may be Steel Panther’s most consistent album to date. Unlike the last couple of records, there are no band songs on the album. All the tunes are short, with only two hitting the four-minute mark. Fans may be disappointed at first with so many short songs, but after a few listens it’s clear that Steel Panther has made good use of the time. With the total running time under 40 minutes, the band has trimmed the fat.

The album finishes with a fantastic cover of Cheap Trick’s ‘She’s Tight’, featuring Cheap Trick singer Robin Zander himself. The song fits the band very well both stylistically and lyrically, and the song itself is a statement for the tightness of Lower the Bar.

“Is the new Steel Panther album Lower the Bar any good?”

“She’s tight.”

Words by Stefan Bradley.


Stefan Bradley