ALBUM REVIEW: Wild Honey – “In Your Head”

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In Your Head by Wild Honey out November 3rd 2017.
Pre-release stream provided by agency.
Words by Zion Lulseged.

In their debut album In Your Head, Sydneysiders Wild Honey pay homage to spontaneous beach expeditions and youthful summer nights. This 12 track record, set to be released November 3rd, is the epitome of coming-of-age – regrets, lessons and memories. They’ve teamed up with producers Jack Moffitt (The Preatures) and Doug Boehm (Girls) to carefully craft this indie-rock collection which they recorded in their hometown at the beginning of the year.

Wild Honey are set to hit the East Coast with their In Your Head album tour; starting in Sydney in late November then making their way to Melbourne to perform at the Grace Darling Hotel. Wild Honey fans got a taste of In Your Head earlier in the year when the five piece released singles ‘Messed Up’ and ‘Break Away’; the latter which is track number one on the album and sets the tempo for the rest of the record.

Album opener, ’Break Away’ is a tune that screams good vibes and with its memorable chorus it’s hard not to like. This song is an appropriate reflection of what to expect from the rest of the album – it’s fun, vibrant and its lyrics are insightful, ‘break away from an ordinary life, today’s that day you finally see the light, let it shine’, frontman Thom Moore sings. It’s clear as to why this song was released earlier as a single.

The musical aesthetic of sixties pop really peaks through in ‘Messed Up’ and track six, ‘Gone For Good’. This is understandable as Moore has cited artists like Elvis Presley and The Temptations as being childhood favourites. Two songs full of slow drums, guitar riffs and other conventionally sixties elements. In ‘Gone For Good’ especially, the transition between the dreamy bridge and the snappy chorus is enough to make you drool. This feel good tune tells the story of youthful adventures, ‘cheap motels, cliche prints on the walls, souped up cars and topless bars with numbers you shouldn’t call’ .

Track four on the album, ‘Guardian’ definitely draws the most similarity to the bands 2016 self-titled EP, which introduced Wild Honey with songs like ‘Eye to Eye’ and ‘This Time’. The mellow sound and lyricism of ‘Guardian’ hones in on this protector type of figure as they sing “I’ll keep you safe from harm, be a good luck charm, I’ll keep watch over you a guardian angel has to”. The slow melody and sweet lyrics give direction, particularly like the next song on the album ‘Pull It Together’; a tune that definitely deserves a mention.

This stand out track works wonders placed in juxtaposition with its predecessor. It’s definitely one of the more upbeat songs on the album but still compliments the overall tone of the record with lyrics like, ‘hey kid it’s not as bad as it seems…look at me now you’ve got to pull it together now’. It’s at this point that the motivating and positive spirit of In Your Head really creeps through.

Bringing the album to a peaceful close is ‘Supermarket’. This track, alongside the last few including ‘Take My Word’ and the titular ‘In Your Head’ hold the same juvenile feel.

Wild Honey are like the big brothers we never knew we needed and In Your Head is the sweet, sweet album you’ll want on repeat for this summer.

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