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Another year and yet another AFL season.  Although as most AFL supporters see it as only the NAB cup, it would definitely be the most important time
of year for any fantasy footy managers. If you are partaking in “Supercoach “or “Dream Team”, this is the perfect time to have a sneak peek at which players will be the bargain buy for 2013. It’s impossible for you to have a team of 22 Lance Franklin’s or Chris Judd’s as the set salary cap prevents it from happening, so you have to compensate for their high price. And it would seem that once again there is a line of young and older players lining up for that chance to make it or a return from a long term injury who may have been somehow forgotten in the past year or two. 
These can be referred to as “fantasy bargains” as they are quite cheap when it comes to picking them for your Supercoach or Dream Team sides. Players such as Brent Macaffer ($ 128,000), Brent Staker ( $ 128,000) and Luke Ball ($301,000) are just some to consider who will be making returns from serious injuries in 2013. Then again there is a list of young hopefuls which are yet to debut who could also make a handy pick up such as Jack Viney ( $109,500), Brodie Grundy ( $114,500) and Majak Daw ( $115, 900) to name a few. 
These players could well be the next James Podsiadly who in his first season started the year off valued at ($ 94,500) or Matt Maguire who was valued close to the same when he was traded to Brisbane but soon bumped his value ($390,000) and is a regular for the side. 
Yet taking the risk and picking the bargain doesn’t always work out, which managers who acquired Brad Dick or Daniel Menzel last season soon found out. Who will be the best first year player to pick? Who will be the player who successfully returns from injury to dominate the league? Only time will tell. So for many supporters; yes, it may only be the NAB cup. But there are others who find this incredibly important in order to pick out the best players to make the perfect team. 
Peter Tseros

February 20th 2013
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