Anieszka Shares Her Gift


Australian/Mauritian artist Anieszka has recently released a dreamy, sultry R&B record entitled ‘Divine’. ‘Divine’ showcases Anieszka’s beautifully delicate vocal, sounding straight cut out of a classic 2000s R&B album, effortlessly weaving dreamy runs throughout. The orchestration makes you wonder how magical it would be to see Anieszka live with a full orchestra.

We chat about the local music scene in Sydney/Eora and Anieszka shares with me what it means to her to showcase her roots through Sega Dancing at her concerts.

“Sega music … it’s rooted in the days of slavery, when music was their only form of expression, their only way of connecting with each other. So I think the fact that’s it’s rooted in something so important, it translates even though it’s many, many, years later.”

History, and keeping these important generational stories alive is something I can tell is important to Anieszka. She’s certainly paving her own unique path forward, but isn’t for a second forgetting her roots.

“Trusting in yourself and your art and reminding yourself why you’re doing it…if you’re doing it because you want to connect with people and because you really love music then, it will happen, you just gotta keep at it, it can be a long journey, but it will happen.”

These self-assuring words Anieszka shares really remind us that as artists, the right people will make the right connections with the gifts we share.


You can listen to the full conversation with Anieszka for The Hoist/SYN Presents below.


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