Apophis in orbit for Earth “the most dangerous asteriod ever found”

This is as close as it has been in the last 200 years, and If this asteroid was to hit Earth…. “dun dun d-u-n”….
……It would create a 40meter or higher, tsunami that would travel around the globe..
…..It would shoot material into the sky could  would block out the sun for most of the world…
…..It would have had the potential to wipe out a medium-sized continent and have devastating impacts on climate globally.
The worst case scenario would be a situation where an asteroid was found the day before it got here, according to Ed Bedshore from Nasa who tracks commets and asteroids from telescopes in the US and Australia.

In 2006 this actually did happen, fortunately the asteroid was only  a mere 3 meters in size, when it came in over the Sudan desert.

To avoid the doomsday asteroid, like other researches Bedshore insists on monitoring and increased dialogue between networks, who do so.
Space observations will become even more important as an asteroid which is due to pass earth in 20 years, will come a lot closer… thean the one passing last week.

The Apophis asteroid was discovered in June 2004.
At 320 meters in diameter, it has been dubbed the most dangerous asteroid ever found. It will make a very close fly by on Friday April 13th 2029, that’s right superstitious listeners Friday the 13th!
The real danger is that, its exact path will determine whether it smashes into earth seven year later.  If it fly’s through a specific 610 meter wide region of space as it goes past us, then its orbit will change to a degree which will lead to Apophis’ and the Earth being in the exact same spot 7 years later on Sunday, April 13th 2036.
Scientists currently have this at 1 in 48,000 odds. (Higher than you dying in a plane crash). However more definitive measurements are still to be made.
Even if it is to collide with earth, there would be time for Armageddon style plans to be devised. Such as slamming a hyper-velocity aircraft into it at tens of kilometres a second to deflect it off its current orbital path.
There are nearly 20,000 near earth asteroids in space and Dr Betts from the planetary society believes “the chances of one hitting the Earth are 100 percent, the key question is time frame.”
So keep your eyes on the skies SYN listeners

November 28th 2011
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