Ariana Grande injured during nasty fall during escape room challenge

Ariana Grande promo shot, Credit: Supplied courtesy of Live Nation.

Ariana Grande is recovering after hurting her hand in a nasty fall during an escape room challenge.

The ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ singer was spotted wearing a bandage on her left hand during an appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke in August, but the cause of her injury has been secret for months.

Appearing on The Late Late Show on Tuesday night, Ariana revealed that she hurt her hand when the pair took a slight detour during their car ride to visit an escape room.

The clip opens with Ariana confessing her love for Halloween and suggesting they try an escape room.

However, the pop superstar wasn’t so brave once she got into the dark room, telling James: “You told me it was an escape room, not hell, what is this?… Oh, my God! What the f**k? Can I go back?”

He then suggests they feel the walls to navigate their way through the dark hallway, before she screams: “I don’t want to touch a person! Can you hold my hand? I don’t know where I am!”

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The video shows Ariana screaming and running away from people dressed in costumes, such as a girl who jumps out of a bed.

Once they finish the game, a man enters the room and crawls along the floor towards them. Ariana freaks out and runs away, but catches her foot on the man and crashes to the floor.

As they get back in the car, with Ariana’s hand now wrapped in the bandage, James asks the ‘Problem’ star if she’s ok and she replies, “Yeah, I will be. That was traumatic.”

Looking at her hand, she jokes, “Honest to God, I’m not gonna lie – don’t I look kind of hard? I’ve done 300 escape rooms. That’s not an escape room; that’s one of the seven gates to hell!”

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