Atari (EP) by Kings Kross review


A Hip Hop, RnB, and Pop EP. A sound similar to American hip hop such as metro boomin, the weekend and others in the genre. The members feature┬áJordan Rodrigues who was on X-factor in 2013 and Joseph Scott a Multi-instrumentalist. It is an EP that can get you moving if you’re into dancing and vibing if you are into singing. Atari is an EP that is recommended to anyone who is into music which is relaxed in instrumentals and relaxed in singing in the urban genre.

Recommended tracks/personal favorites:

No words, You know and Keep up.

Link to Spotify stream:



  1. Side piece - Kings Kross
  2. No words - Kings Kross feat Larrisa Lambert
  3. Street Light - Kings Kross
  4. Part of a Dream - Kings Kross
  5. You Know - Kings Kross
  6. Keep up - Kings Kross


sidepiece by Kings Kross
no words by Kings Kross
street light by Kings Kross
part of a dream by Kings Kross
you know by Kings Kross
keep up by Kings Kross


Jitan Chander