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B.S Cryptid – Episode 2: Grey Ghost of the Pines

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In ‘Grey Ghost of the Pines’ Bea and Sarina venture into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Listen in and encounter almanac publishers, occult mysteries and the quaintest of tea parties.

B.S Cryptid is a fictional audio drama. Listen in as two Australians, Bea and Sarina, traverse the United States and encounter weird cats, eerie forests and the quaintest of tea parties in pursuit of elusive cryptids and legends.


Stewart Moyer as Citizen Cryptid Presenter

Myffy Hocking as  Chef / Bea Cassowary

Art Hunter as Sarina Morgan

Sophia Reinero as Park Ranger 1  (Valentina) 

Josh “Juice” Jones as Diner Server(Sammy)/ Park Ranger 2 (Carl) 

Ben Marshman as Titan Leeds 

Story by: Rowen Midello and Ollie Krusec

Edited by: Ollie Krusec, Rowen Middello and Joey lai

Logo art by: Emily Torney @tqosaw on Instagram

Music and some SFX courtesy of Epidemic Sound 

Audio editing by: Ollie Krusec, Rowen Midello and Joey Lai.

B.S Cryptid is a SYN Media Podcast. It was made possible with support from Creative Victoria and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

With Special Thanks to Lindsey Green and Bec Fary for keeping this ship a float.

Acknowledgements: Storytelling is ingrained in this land and so, B.S Cryptid acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional owners and elders, past, present and emerging of the land in which we write, record and produce our podcast. The Wurundjeri, Wadawurrung, Bunurong and Yorta-Yorta people of the Kulin nations. B.S Crytpid also acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional owners and elders, past, present and emerging, on the land which our content reaches as well as the radio stations we broadcast from across the country. 

B.S Cryptid wishes to acknowledge that the land on which this story is set, America, is occupied land. BS Cryptid: Episode 2: Grey Ghost of the Pines takes place in The Pine Barrens, New Jersey which is the territory of the First Nations people.

CW: Strong language

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Art by: Jet Krusec

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