Back at it again with the sandwiches…and Fringe update: Blog 2



(All lies, they are all here…I don’t know if I’ve even met one Scottish person)

Another day, another dollar (I mean pound)…spent on sandwiches. Honestly, I don’t know what it is about Edinburgh, but boy am I eating sandwiches. But enough about me, let’s talk about you for a bit?

How are  you? How’s your mum? No, really?

Yeah, enough about you. Let’s talk about Edinburgh Fringe for a while.

I can’t believe it, I feel like it’s taken me this long to wrap (mmm sandwich) oh dear god….to wrap my head around being here. Ah well the show must go on.

                                                                      HOW TO RATE A SHOW :                                                        

Many people use stars out of 5 to work out the quality of a show. 5 being the highest of quality, to 0 stars being the least level of quality. *cue streams of tears if you’re unlucky enough to get that.
This method may be used and valued by many and may be an easy way to identify whether you want to spend your last 10 quid on a comedy ticket to an unknown comic performing in a small dingy bar. However, I feel it’s too cut throat for me. There are so many elements that go into what makes something good and what doesn’t that these stars can’t even begin to showcase. What is believed to be good or bad is so varied between humans, how possibly could using luminous spheres of plasma held together by it’s own gravity be the best form to rip someone’s craft apart. Tell me this! Someone must know.

Below is a simple mind map I created to help you figure out how to rate a show at the Fringe:



With almost 4,000 shows you won’t be caught short of something to see that will definitely catch your eye and even your funny bone.

spiceI have got to start with ‘2 Become 1’ because sweet baby lord Jesus it was FANTASTIC!

Basically, four women dressed in 90’s gear sing songs from the 90’s. Brilliant right?
There is a little story threaded throughout about one gal breaking up with her boyfriend, so her great mates take her out speed dating… however my love for this show is because of the music. Swipe Right Theatre Company are the brains and voices behind this banger of a show.

I think I snorted while laughing about 6 times during this one…which was incredibly embarrassing, but when something is that entertaining you just gotta go with it.

If you’re a fan of the Spice Girls, Bewitch’d (the Irish band…not TV show) you’ll love this!
I most certainly did, especially the re-creation of the Titanic scene where Celine Dion’s epic hit ‘My Heart Will Go On’ was performed with flute and all.

‘2 Become 1’ has been selling out, so I missed it on my first attempt to witness it’s fab-ness. Instead, I caught sketch duo ‘The Thunderbards’  on a cheeky recommendation from the Gilded Balloon staff.


‘The Thunderbards’ were bubbly and clever. The show consisted of little sketches, with an interview which sort of connected the little skits together. Although, one of the guys from the duo Glenn Moore (who also has a solo stand up show at the Fringe) dramatically said in the on stage interview the show was about ‘nothing’, however it turns out nothing can be very silly and fun to watch.

As you walk around the streets of Edinburgh it becomes apparent any dark corner can be a hiding spot for lurking humans that are flyer-ing for just all of the shows.


A show I checked out after being given a flyer was Alice Marshall. Marshall is an ‘critically acclaimed character comedian’ from the UK. With some shows you are taking a gamble and sometimes it doesn’t pay off. However, this was not the case. Marshall’s ability to hold an audience in fits of laughter in her one woman show ‘Blood’ was attest to her wonderful character work and clear knack for comedic timing. To be rather blunt with you, I Blood-y loved it.

Alright Gossip humans that’s all from me. Please note, I’m writing this one handed as my other hand is always giving a high five or holding my festival pass.

Phoebe (still living my best life)PHOEBE




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