Baker Boy, Dallas Woods and Sampa The Great are giving us some ‘Better Days’ with their new collaboration


Hip-hop fans unite!

Baker Boy has joined forces with long-time collaborator Dallas Woods and one of hip hop’s most influential acts; Sampa The Great. This new single, ‘Better Days’,  can only be described as a powerhouse combo.

It’s crazy to think that this song was created last year since its significance is more important now than ever. The terrific trio tackles issues prominent in our society, providing honest and personal accounts from each of them. In a year as challenging as 2020, the collaboration brings some solace to the thought that you are not alone – the lyrics “Just know that I’m with you” are enough to prove that.

In true Baker Boy fashion, the thought-provoking lines are accompanied with a funky beat that compliments the performers, but doesn’t take away from their words. These rhythms turn our attention to Sampa’s gracious singing, who blends English, Yolngu Matha (an Indigenous language if the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land) and Bemba (an Bantu language spoken widely in sub-Saharan Africa). This tune celebrates culture and every creative choice emphasises this intention. Even though the three come from varying backgrounds, they demonstrate unity and the ability to find common ground.

If you want a change of pace from chill listening to a party hit, then Melbourne producer Airwolf has got you covered. His remix of ‘Better Days’ is out now, meaning you’re pretty much set for any occasion. This version may sound familiar since it has been chosen for Tiktok’s first local marketing campaign. Using some of Australia’s strongest talent to advertise Australia’s viral talent – what a smart idea.

This year has definitely been interesting to say the least. Yet, as the days begin to look brighter and more hopeful, ‘Better Days’ is the perfect soundtrack to remind us to keep going and that we are not too far away now.

Let’s “stand strong through these dark times” together.

Earlier this year ‘Sunday Sweets’ had the opportunity to speak with Dallas Woods, so if you want more sweet content make sure to check out this link.

Written by Victoria Rudnikov