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Barishi | Blood from the Lion’s Mouth | Interview


Barishi, a 4 piece band from New England, USA who describe their style of music as “gritty progressive metal” released their sophomore album in September 2016 called Blood from the Lion’s Mouth, an 8 track solid record.

Ellen Rosie, from the Moshpit on SYN, had the pleasure of catching up with Graham and got to find out more about the album, what it’s like to be a band in modern day New England, America and the band’s future plans.

How has your start to 2017 been so far?

It has been solid. Pretty quiet with the exception of a few regional shows. We are mostly just battling the never-ending ice and snow that comes with living in the northern U.S.

You released your second full length album Blood From the Lions Mouth in September last year, how has the feeling been around the band since then?

We are still really stoked on it. We’ve had some time to give it a rest, so now when we hear it, it is with fresh ears and I’m still digging on it. Usually about this time after we have done something, I really hate it, so it’s nice to not be in that boat right now.

When you set out writing and recording this album, was there a goal or objective you wanted to achieve?

We wanted to write the best songs we could and really become who we wanted be as a band. There were song structures and different ways of writing that we wanted to explore in the past, but didn’t have the skills to implement them. I think we started getting there with this record.

I’ve read that when Barishi started as a band, you were an instrumental trio, how has your     sound changed and evolved since then?

Yeah that’s true. We were not nearly as heavy. Our writing was pretty rudimentary. We were just kids who wanted to rock out in the basement. When we first got a singer, all of a sudden we could attach imagery and ideas to the music, which really jump-started our writing. I do think that having those first instrumental years in conjunction with being so geographically isolated helped us figure out what it was we wanted to be doing musically.

The music video for the song ‘The Great Ennead’ was recently released, what was it about this song that made you decide to create a music video for it?

It’s one of the songs that we really enjoy playing live. We were hoping that some of the enthusiasm that we have for it in the live context could be translated through a video. It was also pretty short which helps speed up the process of making the movie.

You have some tour dates coming up, what’s your favourite/best thing about performing these songs live?

It’s just really fun to play songs that are still fresh. It’s never a blast to have to fane enthusiasm while playing something that you feel is a bit tired. I think we also have honed the songs to the point where they are pretty tight and road worthy. We’ll see soon I guess!

Do you have any plans to tour in Australia in the near future?

We don’t, but would truly love to. None of us have ever been down there and it seems like a remarkable place. Plus, it’s been too long since we have given the gents in King Parrot a squeeze.




Written by Ellen Rosie

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @moshpitsyn


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