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 So….today was SO much fun! Seriously, I enjoyed today. We started off the day at the house of SYN again and began with writing the previous blog entry due to some complications with the system the night before. I like the laid-back attitude everyone has in the office. We have the radio on all the time and comfy computer chairs. And yes, we sing along to the songs sometimes. 😀
After we finished writing our blogs we got to do some ‘research’ on the daily live music TV show, 1700, that’s broadcasted on Channel 31. We all watched the videos on the 1700 youtube channel until our break which was cut short a bit due to Arisha not having finished her blog. We waited patiently (sort of) for her to finish and quickly rushed over to Melbourne Central to get Arisha some lunch.
After our lunch break, we settled in for some more admin work. Chugging away at the pile of forms wasn’t as bad as yesterday, considering we got the hang of it. At around quarter to four, we got picked up from SYN and made our way down to Channel 31. It was pretty windy outside so we welcomed the warm, comfy building that housed the community TV station. We met the crew and hosts of 1700 and got to help set up sets and cameras. But I had no idea that we were actually going to be in charge of operating the cameras!
They gave us the rundown on the kind of interpretation they use to communicate when on air. Countdowns like 30 seconds, 15 seconds and 10 to 1. We learnt how to adjust the cameras (zooming in and out, how to move them etc.) and learnt how to do white balances and different kind of shots. I got pretty nervous when I realized we had use the cameras, mainly because I thought I would somehow find a way to break it and then have to pay for it. Eep. But I really enjoyed it and found the show very funny. We had to leave pretty much as soon as the show ended, so we didn’t help pack up (Which I feel a bit guiltly about!). It was an experience I never thought I would have at SYN!


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