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Belli Ciao Film Review – ST. ALi Italian Film Festival


By Nick Conte

Belli Ciao is a light hearted comedy about the fateful dilemma that grips the young people of the South that give up everything in search of a better future or stay at home and try to build a possible tomorrow. The film stars Italian A-list comedy duo Pio and Amedeo who seem to evoke roaring laughter from audiences with the slightest of ease.
The story centres on two men who have been friends since childhood. As adults Amedeo decides to remain in his birth town in the region of Puglia and Pio moves to Milan to strike it rich. Twenty years on Pio returns to the town and promises financial aid in restoring the town to its former glory. But will Amedeo succeed in reviving the township’s economy and has Pio actually achieved the financial success as he claims?
The hilarity commences when they both return to Milan. It’s something of a culture shock for Amedeo who provides many fun filled moments as his awareness builds of the contrasts between the northern and southern regions of Italy.

Highlighting the course of friendship, it is a movie to be watched this film festival with families, friends and even lovers!
The ST. ALi Italian Film Festival is running from the 15th of September to the 12th of October at all participating Palace Cinemas. Click here for more info and to book tickets!

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