Bird Kills 12 in England Before Shooting Himself

As mentioned in the heading, resident of Cumbria Derrick Bird has gone on a rampage, shooting 12 people before turning the gun to himself in a bizarre and confusing three and-a-half hour rampage. But back at the SYN House, otherwise known as House of SYN, me was on my third and fourth day of work experience. ahh! its almost ending f*ck its gone so fast, im gona cry like a bitch when it ends. Its been a awesome week and i definently want to continue my involvement with SYN after the end of this sick experience. I’ve also decided to keep writng my blog full-pelt coz i remembered that many of my readers may not yet have read my blog as theyre too busy, and it all will happen on the weekend. I feel better now knowing all the comments are coming, so now i can blog free without that anger that i was being used and cyberlly raped into blogging to myself. I always seem to write slef instead of self, and it really pisses me off coz it looks gay and i do it all the time. My family has been listening to SYN all day this week waiting for my beautiful voice to be on air and is been fun talking, but i still have so much to say. I don’t think ill ever run out of shit to say, and i could have a show about anything really. Comedy show, music show, sports show, hip hop show, soocer show, any fken show really. I am a lot like Jesus in a way, im the saviour of SYN, the Chosen One. I even have a cat named Jesus Navas, named before I was identified as God’s son and the angel from Heaven. But i dont wanna brag, im just really good, and everyone whos met me should be thanking God for their life-changing experience. So taking it away from me for just a sec, on Wednesday i was in the studio for Schools on Air with some hot yr 12 girls from im not sure. They were pretty good and after that I did copywriting, which is not copywriting but writing shit for the people on air to say. so basically u gotta cut down all this info and make it sound cool, so i killed it obviously. i culdnt be f*cked with all of them, but i tried and tried and found sometihng extra to produce like bloody fantastic scripts sure to be used on air by SYN as soon as Emma reads them. And then at the end of the day i got to be a guest on N ew and Approved which was great fun, they were really super nice girls and i had a blast learning from them. Hopefully i can appear on their show some other time if they allow me coz it was maadd.Today is thursday and i woke up at like 1:30 and sprinted here from Mount Waverley. Im pretty fken fast so i made it waay early and grabbed a gloria jeans coffee so i felt likea true bussinesman in the city. ive started by finishing my copywriting now im doing my blog man i wish people woudl read this its so good! but yea have a crazy day yall and ill get back to yous later i gotta go be awsum or have a nap, probabaly the second thing first so i can do the first thing second, but better. oh yea and errybody check out Asher Roth’s album Asleep in the Bread Aisle. He’s the best white rapper after Em, and his shit is real dope. i cant confirm if it was me who changed one of the computer desktops to his album cover, but he is a gud rapper. true.


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