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“Bisexual Awareness Week” on the Naughty Rude Show – 24th September 2017


On this episode of the Naughty Rude Show, we’re chatting bisexual visibility, gay cruising, and sex on premises venues. Join Jai, Joseph and Carlin as they answer your questions at thenaughtyrudeshow.tumblr.com/ask!


  1. Split Stones - Maggie Rogers
  2. Boys Will Be Boys - Stella Donnelly
  3. I Haven't Been Taking Care of Myself - Alex Lahey
  4. Radio - Sylvan Esso
  5. Chasin' - Cub Sport
  6. Second Hand Car - Kim Churchill
  7. Better/Bitter - Jess Locke
  8. It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys
  9. Good Boys - Blondie
  10. Killer Queen - Queen
  11. Diplomat's Son - Vampire Weekend
  12. Exactly How You Are - Ball Park Music

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