Blake’s Work Experience: Day I

 This fine morn I awoke in my humbel abode and went to school as usual, except with a slight difference, I was to leave earlier as I had work experience… at SYN… that’s why I’m doing a blog… for SYN… about work experience. Get it? Good! So after my teachers had questioned me on why my devil of a mother had sent me to school for that short amount of time, I showed up at the House of SYN, and there I met Kristina Latham (the membership and administration coordinator). She gave me a tour around the House of SYN and the studios which were just down the road. She taught me the basics of radio, the dos and don’ts, one of the don’ts being: “Defamation” – this basically meant I couldn’t say that “Justin Bieber gave me aids just by looking at me” (Kristina’s words) as it would be untrue and could hurt my reputation, along with the radios. So pretty much – be funny! But be sensible! Then we made our way back to the House of SYN where I attended a staff meeting – some business mumbo jumbo took place and then we had cake. Go team!  After a short break, Kristina chained me to a table and forced me to wrap CDs in packs that would be handed out. Please note that I was not actually chained up, just so you know, I feel that we could’ve entered Legalities Lane here, and things could get a little funky, but I feel it’s all good now. After I got a bunch of free promotional CDs I headed back over to the studios where I would listen and participate in a live to air radio show – “objection” (an under 18 flagship show). I had a brilliant time talking with Henry and Alex (on the air), and then Daniel the producer (off the air) whom sat in the corner giving us notes. We talked about work experience, and what we were gonna have for dinner. They told me I had a voice for radio, so that brought a smile to my face, which was good due to the traumer brought along from wrapping those CDs earlier (it was actually quite fun). Henry told me he needed to update the facebook page at least twice a show, I said in joking manner, you should share my page! I wasn’t joking… he didn’t. So here’s my shameless share that I deserved: I then successfully made my way home without being stabbed. So at that note, I’d like to finish by saying that I had a great first day of work experience at SYN and can’t wait for tomorrow.  -BLAKE EVERETT (25-03-2013)


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