Blake’s Work Experience: Day II

So for the second day I headed down to the House of SYN to begin day 2 in my work experience. It began with quite a bit of change to my scheduel, one of the changes involved not entering memberships into the website, so that really hurt. I’m trying to hold back the tears just writing about it. But oh well, I survived.  So first up i had a brainstorm sesh for my own IDs (Identifiers), they’re those little things you hear on the radio that let you know what you’re listening to: “You’re listening to SYN”. After a massive brainstorm I headed over to the studios to record these, and if they were any good they may be used on the radio, so fingers crossed! After a short break I went back to the House of SYN where I edited some of the IDs, just putting some little funky “royalty free” sound FX in there and overall jazzing it up a little bit, this was cut short as the producer from SYNs Channel 31 show “1700” came over to pick me up. We head over to Channel 31 and I got to see behind the scenes on a live-to-air show. This one being “1700”, which is basically a music show. They talk, show music videos, interview a band and sometimes have a performance. I felt really lucky as I got to be a camera man (which scored my name in the credits) and then had a look at a bit of the switchboard stuff, which I had a go at. And thankfully did not stuff which was fantastic as the show was live-to-air and that would’ve been a big boo-boo.  So once again I had a great day and am looking forward to Day 3, which slowly but surely approaches. Until then… Hi Ho, Silver Away!


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