Blondel By Blondel (EP) Review


Blondel EP By Blondel is an EP from Melbourne Australia . The EP Genre is Dark Pop . The EP is full of Lyrics which can be Deep and interpreted in multiple ways when listened to continuously.  A sound I haven’t really heard of that can be defined as similar to besides Pop music of the 2017s. The Ep stands out from other locals EP  releases and shows Blondel’s Singing abilities, Music production skills, Piano Skills and her ability to give emotions through her lyrics and instrumentals. An EP to listen to if you enjoy Dark Pop and alternative music. Reviewer Selections Blank Walls, Dungeon and Free Fall.

Bandcamp Link:


Youtube Link to Blank Walls By Blondel:


  1. Blank Walls - Blondel
  2. .Dungeon - Blondel
  3. .Dark Times - Blondel
  4. Zombies - Blondel
  5. Free Fall - Blondel


1.Blank Walls 03:17
2.Dungeon 05:29
3.Dark Times 04:05
4.Zombies 03:27
5.Free Fall 05:02


Jitan Chander