SYN seeks a board adviser on social enterprise growth


SYN is seeking an a volunteer adviser with expertise and experience in the field of business, and marketing in growing a small enterprise.

We are seeking someone who can help us understand how to grow and how much we should expect to grow. Our focus will be on iterating and developing our educational programs, which are the main products of our social enterprise. The person will be able to provide specific advice on pricing, profit margins and business planning, as well as help us analyse our competitors and our place in the media/education market. We are keen to improve our sales pipeline: reducing churn, increasing loyalty and streamlining our sales process.

Experience in media is useful but not necessary, while networks and knowledge of secondary education, local government and TAFE sector is highly regarded.

Before submitting and expression of interest please download and read the Position Description at the bottom of this webpage.

Please submit all applications and inquiries to Rachael Dexter, President, [email protected]