BON VOYAGE SYN work experience!!

Today the 27th of August, the last day of my work experience, well its been… AMAZING!!
So today, as i was telling you yesterday, i recorded me saying this promo for an underage gig that i wrote a script for! It was so fun, i loved speaking!! i did some admin, more lunch break shopping and… blogging to you awesome person who will read my blogs 🙂 Anyway, so yesterday i did the 1700 filming i was warming you up for yesterday.. It was so fun, the people let me use the headphones and tottally join in! I took photos and met the hosts and saw how they do their thing! 😀
I’ve gained so much from doing work experiece here, you’ll defiantly see me making my mark on SYN in the future!!

So before i finally say goodbye to everyone and my blog readers,
Thank you to all the cool volunteers (that are always busy with their segment planing) for your help, thanks to the trainees who were awesome enough to let me take part in the radio broadcasting, thanks to the New and Approved girls who actually let me go on air (you dont kno whow privilaged i am!!), big thank you to all the 1700 crew i worked with (you guys made everything so much more fun!). And last but not least MASSIVE thank YOU to Emma Sharp, for giving me this unique opportunity to learn and create paths for my future (Thank you for being so lovely and fun to work with, you’ve made my working days a blast!)
Well guys, thanks
NOT good bye…


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