Born To Die

Born To Die was a series produced for series four of the Community Radio Network’s (CRN) segment series. This segments series can also be found on Soundcloud.
One day, we are all going to die. It is an inevitable fact, and undeniable reality of being a human being. But what happens to us after we die? Well, that’s up for discussion. Between the different religions, philosophies, cultural beliefs and modern cynicism, there is no clear cut answer. Over this series, producer Made Stuchbery will attempt to explore the only certainty in our lives; that we, we were born to die.

Episode 1: The Egg
What is it about death that humans find so fascinating, so terrifying? In this first episode, Made discusses her own fears regarding the unknown nature of death, before delving into the story of ‘The Egg’, discussing the beginning and ending of all life.


Episode 2: Zacha Rosen
What happens when personal philosophy and religion clash when thinking about the afterlife? Zacha Rosen from Sydney speaks in this episode about his own conflict regarding his Jewish upbringing and his own personal views about death and dying.


Episode 3: The Torah
Intrigued by her discussion with Zacha and his Jewish upbringing, Made speaks with Melbourne Rabbi Fred Morgan about the Jewish beliefs about death.


Episode 4: The Natural Death
Cremation and burial are the two most common ways to inter a body after death. Jacqui Morgan from the Natural Death Advocacy Network speaks in this episode about pursuing a more natural, holistic approach to the treatment of the body after death.


Episode 5: Self Death
Sometimes death doesn’t surprise us. Sometimes, we chose death. Warning: this episode discusses suicide.


Episode 6: Literature
Death. Behind the topics of love and sex, death and dying has been one of the mostly discussed topics in literature across the ages. In this episode, Made explores the literary interpretations of dying.


Episode 7: The Near Death
Sometimes it takes a shock, a near death experience, to shock ourselves into accepting the reality of our own death. Made speaks to Ken Lim about his own personal near death experience.


Episode 8: The Facts
This series has been exploring ideas, thoughts and theories about death. But let’s push all that aside for this episode and focus on the cold, hard facts about dying.


Episode 9: The Myths
Death stalks mythology as much as she stalks our lives. In this episode, Made looks into the different myths and cultures regarding death, even taking a look at modern pop culture representations of dying.


Episode 10: The End
When she embarked on this documentary making process, Made wanted to separate life and death. To focus only on the facts and the ideas about what happens to us after we die. In this final episode, she reflects on what she has learnt over the past ten episodes.

October 7th 2016
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