Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time

 “Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know, that something wasn’t right?”Technically, there is nothing wrong with this classic album from the nineties.The tunes are catchy, the drumbeats are simple, and the vocals are easy to listen to.  However, it isn’t musically original or exciting in any way. Let’s face it; the success of mainstream pop is always going to depend on the artist and their appeal to a target audience. In this case, it was the lycra-clad-piggy-tail-bopping teenage Britney that ensured this album would go on to define a genre and inspire many shallow teenage youngsters to dream of pop stardom.The album, including every single song contained on it, is written to a strict formula, which becomes painfully obvious after even a single attentive listen. The title track, being the clear hit, takes its rightful place as the opener for the album. I wonder how many teenage Britney wannabes had this song on repeat and didn’t bother to listen to the rest of the album. They wouldn’t have missed much, really.The lyrics department can be summed up in one word: terrible. An overly soppy Britney sings about the finding of a soulmate on almost every song, usually to have her poor heart broken by an unfaithful lover. The structure of most songs is similar. Bad lyrics, chorus (with more bad lyrics), bad lyrics, break, key change then more bad lyrics to finish up. However, the bad lyrics principle comes to the rescue. The worse the lyrics, the more fun they are to sing along to! This principle alone will ensure radio play for the pop princess for decades to come!Do not get me wrong. Baby One More Time is not a terrible album. The fact that not much can be said for it musically doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to it. It is very consumable, and provides an easy listen. To appreciate it though, you cannot be critical. Sing along and enjoy being silly just one more time. by Andy Szollosi

November 11th 2011
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