Busk by Dean Jackson (EP)


Busk by Dean Jackson is Ep filled with guitar playing and singing/vocals. The six tracks on this EP are if it’s the beaches, there she goes,slice of life,never alone,dream of dying,come to this. Mixed by Matty sievers.  Mastered by Robert Dillon. Artwork by Dean Jackson. The EP is good for relaxing as it is just guitar playing and singing. If it’s the beaches is a cover of another music groups song. The art work is actually a drawing of Dean Jackson done by himself. The facilitator is Julian Dillon.


  1. If it's the beaches - Dean Jackson
  2. There she goes - Dean Jackson
  3. Slice of life - Dean Jackson
  4. Never alone - Dean Jackson
  5. Dream of dying - Dean Jackson
  6. Come to this - Dean Jackson