Podcast One Feature TYTF

TYTF Podcast One – Pilot

Zach and Charlie Present: TOO YOUNG TO FAIL TYTF Podcast Episode One – Pilot Our European summer tan has faded, our bank […]


Sweet 16 & Feature Albums WC 10.10.16

Australian Feature Tiny Little Houses – Snow Globe International Feature Joyce Manor – Cody                 […]


Lissa Jayne Interview + Live Performance

  Woah, what a performance! Thanks to Lissa Jayne for performing her song ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ live on the show this morning. You […]

Entertainment Update 17/10/2016

Celebrity Lane blogger Jayden Forster joins Nick and Janus with a wrap of all the celebrity action from inside the David Jones marquee […]

Stories and You (EP 2. Journeys)

“[O]ur lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” This week our topic from everyday lives is journeys, more specifically the journeys […]

Stories and You (EP 1. Childhood Nostalgia)

This week we discussed stories, and how they impacted our childhoods! Through the lens of childhood nostalgia, we revisited music, books and fictional […]


Live on The Hoist: DD Dumbo

If there is one thing you should definitely be listening to right now, it is DD Dumbo’s debut album, Utopia Defeated. We […]


Dallas Frasca Interview

Jacqui and Rosa spoke to the incredible Dallas Frasca about her illustrious career, recent accidents and band changes as well as the […]