Our 20 Cents

Our 20 Cents – Misconceptions!

Michelle and Aimee are joined by Josh, to help discuss misconceptions boy and girls have of each other.

A photo of David Lynch used in promotional material for his latest film 'The Art Life'. It contains Mr. Lynch sitting down on a chair in a dark room with a Canon DSLR and black mug sitting on a table beside him.

David Lynch’s ‘The Art Life’

David Lynch: The Art Life is the new documentary that chronicles the life of David Lynch from childhood to right before the […]

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LIT Episode 5: “Ayden didn’t bring a segment” / “Alayna didn’t bring a segment”

Nicholas talks about The Count of Monte Cristo, then things derail a bit…   Nicholas and Alayna can also be found on a more respectable […]



Brisbane producer Feki joined Bridget in the studio for a lovely in-depth chat about his success so far, his live shows and […]


GAME REVIEW: Yooka-Laylee

Platforms: PC/Mac, Playstation 4, Xbox One (reviewed), Nintendo Switch. Copy received as reward for financially backing the game on Kickstarter. – I […]



Tony from Fountaineer spoke to Bridget and Katie just after wrapping up a national tour supporting Middle Kids. Hear a bit about […]

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LIT Episode 4: “The Writing Process” / “Literally the End of the World”

Turns out Ayden is a total fraud and he doesn’t actually read books, so instead of talking about books he hasn’t read, […]

Our 20 Cents – Best and Worst Dates!

Michelle and Aimee discuss the best and worst date ideas and how to improve them!

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LIT: The literature show on SYN

Lit is the youth literature show on SYN NATION. Tired of the boring and intellectual book discussions for old people on the […]


COMEDY REVIEW: MARCUS RYAN – “¿Hablas Ingles?” @ The Elephant and Wheelbarrow

Across the stretching, formidable and prestigious Exhibition Street lives the bright and shining “Comedy Theatre”, and the majestic “Her Majesty’s”. Not too […]