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Color Out of Space: An Off The Rails Epic

Screener Link & Stills Provided By Distributor By Arnel Duracak “…there is no shortage of thrills in this fully fledged genre film […]


The Peanut Butter Falcon: A Heartwarming Tale of Companionship

Screener Link & Stills Provided By Distributor By Arnel Duracak “the payoff comes in seeing the two leads bond and begin to […]


Live Review: Lewis Capaldi @ Festival Hall 03/01/20

Lewis Capaldi @ Festival Hall, Friday 3rd January 2020 Words by India Weaver Tickets provided by publicists     The young and old, as well […]


Red Opal by Floyd Graham (Album) review

A unique electronic, pop, rock and dance music album. Songs range from feelings of innocence to feelings to hope, happiness, confusion, and […]



Don’t Ever Doubt Aunty, She Knows How To Throw A Party Words: Bec Grech and Sally Lewis Photos: Chelsea King   This is Bec’s […]


Bombshell: A Scathing Look At The Moment That Gave Steam To The #MeToo Movement

By Arnel Duracak “a seething condemnation of the current state of play in the entertainment and broadcast industry” Hailed by the acting might […]


The Irishman: The Capstone To Scorsese’s Illustrious Career

By Arnel Duracak Screened at Lido Cinemas If Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (2019) was Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to a period […]


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The Musical (Review)

Before I start this review, I have a confession. I am a massive Roald Dahl fan. I also really like Charlie and […]


MIAF: The Nico Project

By Kristen Iliopoulos   Sarah Frankcom’s The Nico Project, currently playing at the Melbourne International Arts Festival, is not what you’d expect […]

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MIAF: Rite Of Spring

Words by Maria Dunne Performance Dates: 3rd-6th October This performance of Rite of Spring has the Chinese dance company Yang Liping Contemporary […]