The Glam Gizmo – Episode One

Episode One of SYN’s new audio drama podcast, The Glam Gizmo, is now live! 1. The Strings That Pull As Max paves […]


Post-80s Babies: Episode 10 Playlist (80s Reimagined Week)

Episode 10: Saturday December 14 80s REIMAGINED WEEK We capped off our sonic journey through the 80s with a finale episode celebrating music of now […]


Graveyard shift 10/12/2019

Graveyard shift 10/12/2019. Music, talks and more.youu


Post-80s Babies: Episode 9 Playlist (Heartstrings Week)

Episode 9: Saturday December 7 HEARTSTRINGS WEEK Valentine’s Day has come early. It’s love song galore, but with a warning: not all […]


Post-80s Babies: Episode 7 Playlist (Aussie Week)

Episode 7: Saturday November 23 AUSSIE WEEK This week’s episode was an all-Australian affair (the continent, that is). We wrapped up the […]

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Like Sugar: Episode 7 Playlist

Episode 5: House Disco – Saturday 23rd November Had such a wild time a couple of weeks ago when 3rd Orbit came into the […]


Post-80s Babies: Episode 8 Playlist (Slow Burns Week)

Episode 8: Saturday November 30 SLOW BURNS WEEK They’re now some of the best known and loved tracks of the 80s, but […]

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Like Sugar: Episode 6 Playlist

Episode 6: Saturday 16th November Mmmmmm, more dancing to sweet, sweet tunes – what more could you want for your Saturday night? […]


Post-80s Babies: Episode 6 Playlist (Synergy Week)

Episode 6: Saturday November 16 SYNERGY WEEK The SYNergy here at SYN is always palpable, and that’s why this week’s episode was […]


Post-80s Babies: Episode 5 Playlist (Sophistipop Week)

Episode 5: Saturday November 9 SOPHISTIPOP WEEK This week we savoured the slick sophistication of the smoothest 80s pop going around, featuring […]