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FM Synthesis


Itamar hosts William Thrall, a musician and audiophile to discuss music reminiscent of dreams and sleeping. Check out the playlist below:

FM Synthesis


Itamar discusses the first portable synth, the Moog Minimoog. Check out the playlist below:

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Loud & Queer: Creative pursuits and Wearing it Purple

Sam, Laura and Liz get together for a relaxed Sunday chat about all things creative pursuits during lockdown, what Wear it Purple […]

FM Synthesis

FM Synthesis – Show #6 Dave Fridmann (23/08/2021)

Itamar discusses one of his favourite producers – Dave Fridmann. He presents songs all the way from Fridmann’s beginning to his triumph […]

FM Synthesis

FM Synthesis – Show #3 Roland TR-808 (02/08/2021)

Itamar covers the world’s most popular drum machine and presents its evolution through various genres.

FM Synthesis

FM Synthesis – Show #2 Fairlight CMI (26/07/2021)

Itamar discusses the Australian synthesiser the Fairlight CMI, otherwise known as the first sampler.


Player One Reviews: Sam and Max Save The World

Gaming’s furry buddy cop duo is back, and they’re looking and lip-synching better than ever. The first season of the now-defunct Telltale […]


High Flying Fun With Serious Strategy, Player One Reviews: Jetboard Joust

  Unless you have been living under the biggest rock in existence, this year has been exhausting. It can be hard to […]


Player One Flashbacks: Doom 3

Doom 3 for it’s time was a ground breaking game which not only tested pc hardware but also demonstrated that id tech […]

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Obey Me Review

Obey Me is a game where you play as Vanessa and Monty, The story is where Vanessa is taken advantage because of […]