The Melbourne List Podcast – 11/01/17

With 2 weeks under our belts, the Melbourne List is only getting better and better. Check out this week’s podcast as we […]

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Lab Rats Episode 7: Neurology and the Brain

This week Nicholas and Alayna get psychotic with neuroscientists as we explore what is known about the small squishy muscle that gives […]

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Lab Rats Episode 8: Marine Biology and Sea Creatures

Nicholas and Alayna find a world of amazement under the sea by finding out about jellyfish populations and deep-sea scanning. Get salty […]

Diamond Eyes


The SYN music team have developed an extensive Sweet 16 database which is undoubtedly the best place for anyone to discover new […]

Hemina | Album Release: Venus | Interview

Hemina, a 4 piece progressive metal band from Sydney, released their third studio album, Venus, on the 11th of November 2016.  It […]

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Lab Rats Episode 9: Bugs, Insects, and Entomology

This week Nicholas and Alayna bug each other out with fascinating info about insects. We have everything you need to know about […]

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Lab Rats Interview with Dr. Lisa Ann-Gershwin

Here’s Nicholas’ interview with world-renowned jellyfish expert and enthusiast, Dr. Lisa-Ann Gershwin from her office in Hobart. She talks about her love […]


The Haunting Hour #8- GIALLO MYSTERIES- Podcast+ Playlist

This week I fly solo and give my two cents about GIALLO films- Italian murder mysteries!


The Haunting Hour #7- Bloodsucking Fiends- Podcast+Playlist

This week we talk about all things bloodsucking fiends and the social issues explored in vampire films.


The Haunting Hour #6- ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS Podcast+Playlist

This week we talk about the origins, social commentaries and evolution of the zombie subgenre!