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Climate change: where is Australia at?

Where does Australia sit in the climate change debate? What are the key issues challenging our government today? The team at Represent finds out.  Episode […]


LIVE ON THE HOIST: Winston Surfshirt

Matilda and Adele caught up with Winston from Winston Surfshirt to discuss their new single “Be About You”. Check it out below […]

Today’s the Day: 17th Feb, The Phantom and the dandy horse

Today’s the Day dips into the past again today to bring you all things 17th February! Today on the show we discussed […]

Police advise ‘stay aware’ on White Night

  Police are advising the people of Melbourne to stay aware on White Night this coming Saturday. The annual all night festival […]

Closing the Gap: The Redfern Statement

  On February 10 2017 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull delivered the Closing the Gap report to Parliament. The report again shows slow […]

Pathways Playlist Week 2 11/2/17

This weeks playlist featured a performance of Ach Golgatha by Bach performed by Hamish Gould, which was recorded on July 24th, 2015.