Two brothers one show

The Real Mike and Dave

Every Saturday 10am we introduce to you ‘The Real Mike and Dave’ on SYN 90.7FM. A very similar duo to Hamish and Andy, these […]

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Twin Talk

16-year-old twins talk about all things fun, movies, pop culture, inviting various interesting guests each week and taking a break off school & […]

WED 12-1 PM _ SYN 90.7


GU Music House covers fresh Australian music and my favourite bands/singers on every Wednesday 12-1 pm. The theme changes every week, including vintage […]


Op-shop Vinyl Cop

Op-shop Vinyl Cop is a crate digging journey through the music of yesterday in search for the wax gems we shouldn’t let slip just yet.

SYNth_wave 90.7

** The SYNth_wave with Anthony Kuiper 10 pm Wednesdays on 90.7 ** 1. What is  S y n t h w a v e ? A recent genre dating back to […]


New Years Eve Countdown

   New Years Eve countdown. same Show just with a fresh cot of paint 

Wacky World of Sports

Welcome to the Weird Wacky World of Sports, where each week we explore some of the wonderfully weird sports that are played […]

The Broad Way Logo

The Broad Way

The Broad Way covers all things theatre in a very broad way. Each episode centres on a different type of theatre (musicals, […]

Movie goggles

Movie Goggles

Movie Goggles is a film review podcast that only looks at the very worst of movies made through a light and fun (prescription) […]

The Grave yard

Showcasing the finest that Hip Hop has to offer, from 90’s underground styles to today.