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Business Talks

Nurul Driver talks to potential and current business owners about their experiences on starting up their business ventures and tips on how to get started in the business world. Snag some handy tips on starting up your own business venture here now

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The Jingle

Lloyd Connolly and Martin Ditmann’s look at historical ad jingles and society.


Historically Speaking

Join Alex and Andrew as they explore aspects from the history¬†of Melbourne and Australia. Fridays 5-6pm on SYN Nation.  


Refugees on Air

The one and only refugee podcast giving refugees from all around Australia a voice to share their stories. Hosted by Syrian twins Sarah and Maya Ghassali, episodes are updated every fortnight with new stories to share.

facethefacts (10)

Face the Facts

We are Georgia and Lucy and this is our new radio show, Face the Facts, airing on SYN Nation, Wednesdays at 7pm. […]

School of Rock

We are School of Rock, a youth training program on Edge Radio 99.3FM in Tasmania here on SYN Nation! All of our […]

Cultrural Popcorn (7)

Cultural Popcorn

Do you like Video Games? Do you like films? Do you like Anime? Do you like a ton of other pop culture related stuff…? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at CP (Cultural Popcorn) we deliver all sorts from game reviews to love letters to Ryan Reynolds (yes that is a segment you didn’t read that wrong) and everything else in-between (a lot fits between those two). So why not check us out and have a listen on SYN Nation.