Chiodos Australian Tour 2015- Corner Hotel Melbourne


Opening act, Renegade Armada took to the stage in a wild display of energy and enthusiasm, riling up the crowd for what would soon unfold to be a crazy night.  The charismatic post- hardcore group smashed through a flawless set, drawing in the crowd from the bar and the other various spots that early comers tend to hang around a venue during the opening bands.  With a refreshing blend of riffs and breakdowns, and their front woman showing off a display of screams and an impressive vocal range, Renegade Armada quickly reminded the audience of what live music is all about; fun and passion, and boy, did they deliver.  
Setting the standard high for the remaining bands, the second act to take to the stage was electronic post- hardcore quartet Acrasia.  Maybe it’s been too long since I’ve seen a band play live before, or maybe these guys just really brought it, but Acrasia sure put on a show to prove why the Australian hardcore scene is so alive and kicking right now.  Mixing up the clean vocals and screams with both vocalists from guest band Storm The Sky lending a hand, Acrasia’s front man shared the mic around with the audience while the rest of the band managed to fill up the entire stage in a flourish of swinging guitars and headbanging.  
Next up to storm the stage (get it???) were Storm The Sky. This high energy six piece are definitly a band to watch.  The entire set was a flurry of activity with both vocalists challenging the audience to keep up with the movement. By now, the venue was packed and a good majority of  the crowd were screaming the lyrics right back with each emeber relishing in the attention they deserved.  
Once the curtains were drawn on the final act before headlining band Chiodos came on, the audience waited in anticipation for their heros to emerge. It was as if the entire venue were holding their breath, waiting. Once the stage was revealed again, if there was any doubt about who the crowd was there to see, it was quickly diminished by the cheers and screams that went up once the band emerged one by one.  The setlist comprised of a variety of tried and tested favourites from Bone Palace Ballet and even one from The Heartless Control Everything as well as some tracks from their latest release Devil. Playing a tight set including If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink as an encore Chiodos’ set seemed to end all too fast, though it still proved just why it is that they are loved so much by their fans.  

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